The Headline-President Election

Indian Polity

Indian Presidential Election

Why in News?
The tenure of the current President of India is set to end in July 2022, which is also when the 16th Indian Presidential election will be held to elect his successor.

How is the President elected?
The Indian President is elected through an electoral college system, wherein the votes are cast by national and State-level lawmakers.
The elections are conducted and overseen by the Election Commission (EC) of India.
The electoral college is made up of all the elected members of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament (Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs), and the elected Members of the Legislative Assemblies of States and Union Territories (MLAs).
Related Constitutional Provisions:
Article 54: Election of President
Article 55: Manner of election of President.
Article 56 :Term of office of President
Article 57: Eligibility for re-election.
Article 58: Qualifications for election as President

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